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Setup includes basic WordPress blog or WooCommerce eStore


Let us put our 35 years of professional business systems design to work to create you a professionally crafted WordPress blog or WooCommerce eStore to attract visitors & sales.


The PERFECT choice for ALL small businesses & sole entrepreneurs who require a FAST ONLINE BLOG or eSTORE!



Home Page (static eShop or blog posts)
Blog Posts Page (auto updated with posts)
About Us Page (amendable contents template)
Disclaimer Page (amendable contents template)
Contact Us Page (amendable contents template)



Use Our Global Homeworkers Club Training For Maximum Success



Our  services are created to work with you & for YOU.


WordPress MAX hosting including:


WordPress & WooCommerce Pre-Loaded onto your site.


1 x Weekly FULL DATA BACKUP of all files & data to secure storage.


1 Hour person to person Zoom training/monitoring of your sites per month alongside us to ensure smooth running of all parts of sites.


FREE domain & SSL for al domains (additional domains can be arranged upon request).



Our  services are created to work with you & for YOU.

We pride ourselves on our experience & complete dedication to all tasks.

When you place an order with us for our website design services we will contact you, either directly using our dedicated on-site ChatterBox, Facebook Messenger or by email to arrange the full details of your order. 


We will then email you a copy of our Client Details Request Form to obtain the following information we will require in order to be able to professionally meet all your requirements as needed.

We will need the following information from you BEFORE we can proceed with your order:


Main Site Details – your website company name


Domain Site Name – website name you require


Domain Description – description tag to appear below site title if no logo required


Domain Admin Details – admin name & password to access admin areas


Your PREFERED contact details – if preferred for our LIVE 1 to 1 training & installation amendment purposes.


Domain Registration Company Details – You can use ANY domain registration company to register your domain name – we highly recommend namecheap.com as one of the very cheapest but best hosting companies). 


If you wish us to register your new domain name using Namecheap.com we will carry out domain name research & verification PRIOR to agreeing domain details to prevent attempting to use a domain that’s already taken.




Complete WordPress Blog or WooCommerce  shopping platform including:


  • WordPress Blog or  WooCommerce eStore loaded to GHClub.LIVE WordPress Hosting Platform


  • Includes 1 x front page image (from user supplied image)


  • Includes either blog post or eStore product loading training so you’re ready to roll with a full front page when your first visitors arrive.


  • Keyword & SEO optimisation researched URLs

  • SEO ready for all major search engines including Google, Bing & Yahoo.


  • Beautiful & professionally designed to capture your leads & drive your sales.


  • Fully functioning & operational within 48 hours of final email confirmation of acceptance.


  • All training sessions carried out in conjunction with Globalhomeworkers.club

WordPress Plugins Included:


  • WooCommerce & WooCommerce Shortcodes – use any WooCommerce item anywhere on any page


  • YITH WooCommerce Wish Lists – let your visitors create their own wishlists


  • All In One SEO Pack – search engine optimised for ALL major search engines


  • GDPR Cookie Law – a legal requirement when selling in EU market


  • Google XML Sitemaps – gets your site Google ranked in an instant or scheduled times



  • Max Mega Menus – create stunning menus with drop-down promos, etc, of your featured products


  • WP Edit – give full editing abilities within pages/posts including fonts, text sizes, etc


Let us put our 35 years of professional business systems design to work to create you a professionally crafted WordPress blog or WooCommerce eStore to attract visitors & sales.


Includes Home, Posts, About Us, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions, Privacy & Sitemap pages to maximise your search engine rankings.


The PERFECT choice for ALL small businesses & sole entrepreneurs who require a FAST ONLINE BLOG or eSTORE ready for QUICK SALES. Just add your own images/posts/products.


Contains our recommended basic WordPress plugins to suit individual site requirements PLUS all GDPR compliance activated plugin.

Frequently asked questions

Before you begin your professional online journey you’ll need to answer the most important question we get asked over & over again – How much will being online cost me?


Costs can be broken down into 3 ESSENTIAL main areas:

Hosting – here at Global Homeworkers Club ALL of our costs are kept deliberately at their bare essential costs & pass on these cheapest rate costs to you!


Domain INITITAL Purchase PLUS ANNUAL RENEWAL – All domains & subdomains need to be purchased & renewed every year.  The cost of this will be according to your domain name supplier & will vary according to your domain type, .com .shop, etc.


SSL Certification INITITAL Purchase PLUS ANNUAL RENEWAL – All SSL Certificates are initally free of charge but will need to be renewed every year at site owners expense.  The cost of this will be according to the current fee from the Certificate Authorities but average around $10 per year.


For more information checkout out Beginners Guide

Simply put, a hosting company is like a landlord who will lease you a plot of land (hosting plan) on which you can build your building (your domain).



Hosting is the process of having an internet company giving you a space with them in which to have your website stored & displayed online by them. 


Hosting is always required in for each & every website you may wish to have online.


Hosting for websites can be offered by major companies like GoDaddy.com, etc, who specialise in all types of hosting plans for major corporations & have massive storage space for millions of websites.


In addition to hosting websites hosting companies offer email accounts to be maintained for each website to give visitors to your websites the re-assurance that yours is a professional site.


For more information checkout out Beginners Guide

Domains are in effect buildings (websites) that you build on your plot of land (hosting plan).  You can create almost any type of building on your domain, the most popular of which is WordPress (a blogging platform which turns your domain into a type of newspaper office that you add news items or posts/pages to).  WordPress can also be used to create an online store from which you can sell almost anything.


A domain is a website that has been purchased with a domain registration company.  In addition to purchasing a domain for each website you require you’ll also need hosting for that website to that people get to see your website online.


Domains can have any alphanumeric name & currently there are 100s of TLDs (domain name endings) available for personal & commercial use.


A typical domain name would look like this – GlobalHomeworkersClub.LIVE

Many commercial domains end with the suffix .com however this is rapidly changing as new domain suffixes arelive becoming far more brand friendly.  The highest increase in domain suffixes is currently for .shop  .live  .club  which are currently multiplying in user at a rate of x3 per year on average.


For more information checkout out Beginners Guide

A subdomain is a website that runs seperately & independently to a main domain but is placed beneath or alongside a domain allowing websites to have many layers, each as a seperate website.


This can be likened to the domain being the mothership (mothership.com as demo) of company headquaters with subdomains being added rather like departments within an office or shop.  The headquarters domain being mothership.com with subdomains being run using the mothership.com name but adding an extra prefix such as SHOP or MEMBERS.


Each subdomain SHOP.mothership.com or MEMBERS.mothership.com is run as an invidiual website but as part of the mothership.com group.


If the main mothership.com domain becomes inactive (no longer hosted) all subdomains will go with it.


For more information checkout out Beginners Guide

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the means by which websites transmit & collect data securely.


In order to prove to visitors that any information they may enter at any website is encrypted & safe each website requiring security is tested by Certificate Authorities to determine if an SSL certificate should be issued.  This is a similar process to a passport office checking information is correct & valid before issuing a recognised passport.


Certificate Authorities then issue SSL Certificates for each site needed which are registered with them.  Once issued your websites will now be listed as secure & contain the https prefix plus the anchor symbol in the address bar.


For more information checkout out Beginners Guide

Yes. We do have an affiliate plan.  Our affiliate commission rate is %50.


Click here to access our Affiliate Zone

Our clients say

"As a first time blogger seeing so many different sites with so many different hosting plans I was left confused. The simple approach Global Homeworkers Club Hosting have means just 1 annual setup fee & no more sleepless nights."
Hilary Leigh
"Being able to have complete control over all aspects of my sites & hosting with cPanel enables me to develop professional sites for my clients. This gives me total flexibility to mix & match sites according to my clients' needs."
Quintin Angus


Because of our PERFECT blend of talent, expertise & passion. 

Our skills speak for themselves as we continue to be creative & technically excellent in equal measure. The end result? Brilliantly built WordPress blogs & eShops that are both professional & create a fantastic user experience.

Decades of experience in both WordPress & shopping cart systems help make our perfect mixute of talents & we know there isn’t a single niggle or worry that we cannot solve. Our direct experience of all website needs means we can teach you how to leverage any website’s full potential & how to help you acheive your goals!

Our expert team create blog sites & eShops using WordPress & WooCommerce. We are delighted to have at our fingertips the full means to provide everything our customers could need for any business application.

Every sole trader & small business owner can all be assured that we have the perect platform from which to run your successfull online business. You can rest in the complete knowledge that our team will help you develop the perfect solution for all your online needs! 

Don’t delay – Join Us Here At Global Homeowrkers Club TODAY!!