We can only add hosted websites to our Annual Hosting Plans.
If you do not have your own website we will be happy to check domain availability for you.

All Domains, Subdomains & SSL Certificateswill be at an additional annual cost

except for Fully Managed Monthly Hosting Plan (all inclusive) Account Holders. 


Please contact us for futher details!!



In order for us to complete your order & create your hosting package

we will require the following information


Once we receive your completed hosting setup details below  we will commence activation of your

Basic WordPress Annual Hosting Plan.  You will receive our Hosting Welcome email within the next 

24 – 48 hours with full details of how to access your WordPress site & Admin Dashboard.


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Let us put our 35 years of professional business systems design to work to create you a professionally crafted WordPress blog or WooCommerce eStore to attract visitors & sales.


Includes Home, Posts, About Us, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions, Privacy & Sitemap pages to maximise your search engine rankings.


The PERFECT choice for ALL small businesses & sole entrepreneurs who require a FAST ONLINE BLOG or eSTORE ready for QUICK SALES. Just add your own images/posts/products.


Contains our recommended basic WordPress plugins to suit individual site requirements PLUS all GDPR compliance activated plugin.

Frequently asked questions

Hosting is the process of having an internet company giving you a space with them in which to have your website displayed.  Hosting is always required in for ALL websites you may wish to have online.

A domain is a website that has been purchased with a domain registration company.  In addition to purchasing a domain for each website you require you’ll also need hosting for that website to that people get to see your website online.


Domains can have any alphanumeric name & currently there are 100s of TLDs (domain name endings) available for personal & commercial use.


A typical domain name would look like this – GlobalHomeworkersClub.LIVE


Many commercial domains end with the suffix .com however this is rapidly changing as new domain suffixes arelive becoming far more brand friendly.  The highest increase in domain suffixes is currently for .shop  .live  .club  which are currently multiplying in user at a rate of x3 per year on average.



A subdomain is a website that runs beneath ort alongside a domain allowing websites to have many layers, each as a seperate website.


A typical subdomains can be used to anchor websites under a main website & might look like this:


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the industry standard method of ensuring the internal security & data of a website.  An SSL Certificate can be issued by a certification company who then check each website to ensure it is a registered domain & also checks the ownership of each domain with a special validation method, either requiring a snippet of code to be placed on site or a special email address setup to prove owners can access the email functions behind the scenes.


Once an SSL Certificate has been issued the website will change from  http://  to  https://  thereby re-assuring visitors that they are safe at your website.


SSL cannot prevent scammers nor can it validity the integrity of any website owners.


Yes. We do have an affiliate plan.  Our affiliate commission rate is %50.


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